d.foe – la belle bouche ep

August 3rd will always be ‘National D.Foe Day’ from now on. The aurally sensuous ‘La Belle Bouche’ EP lands tomorrow and it is now up on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It will be on Spotify tomorrow and I’ll post that as well. Watch out for the forthcoming ‘The Heat’ EP – the first single to be taken from ‘La Belle Bouche’ – with remixes from D.Funk + North Street West. We’re going in the studio mid-September to get on that so I’ll keep you posted.

La Belle Bouche’ EP is the debut release from D.Foe, two reclusive, creative dropouts, who guard their privacy fiercely, making Daft Punk look like garrulous bon viveurs. The EP starts off with the dreamy and hugely evocative ‘The Heat’ – I close my eyes and I’m back in 1965 at the poolside’s edge in a chic Riviera hotel rocking a huge straw hat, smelling of Ambre Solaire and peering over the top of a pair of giant ‘Jackie O’ sunglasses sipping a Campari Soda – the ice cubes clinking lazily against the side of the glass. ‘The Heat’ is what a mirage sounds like…..

The Heat……

’6ixty 8ight’ and the ‘D.Funk’ remix of the same track hark back to the halcyon days of Acid Jazz, Mo’ Wax + Talkin’ Loud all rolled into one. ‘Love Hate’ is like an Italian Job car chase on steroids – tough jazz drumming, flute, sax interceptions, Hammond stabs – it’s all going on. And finally, ‘Priti Vacant’ featuring Mark Professor – draw your own conclusions – this ain’t no love song.

Now, pour me that Campari Soda…..

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