Lockdown Playlists: #1: A Doris Troy Special

Every record tells a story

As we enter the fifth week of confinement in the Great Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020, social pressures come to bear.

Neighbourhood net curtains twitch suspiciously should anyone leave their house. Such is the fear instilled by those Moral Guardians lurking in Facebook Resident’s Pages, if you do leave the house you feel obligated to either a) deliberately and obviously carry a shopping bag or b) wear trainers and sportswear, even if you’re driving an ambulance.

Even joggers, just five weeks ago seemingly oblivious to social distancing and the need not to spray everyone around them with a combination of Covid-drenched sweat, wheezing breath and mucus, appear to be acclimatising, and are not now dripping past all those poor grannies queuing in two-metre clumps outside the greengrocers.

In years to come we will be asked “What did you do during the coronavirus lock-down?” and in our mind’s eye that question will…

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