a doris troy spin off

Thanks to #EveryRecordTellsAStory #blog for the #DorisTroy Special https://everyrecordtellsastory.com/2020/04/15/lockdown-playlists-1-a-doris-troy-special/

This allows me to recall a couple of memorable evenings spent in her company.

I DJ’d with Doris Troy on two occasions as part of World Aids Day/National Condom Week with my Immaculate Contraption roadshow (strap line – “it’s a bleedin’ miracle we ever get to the end of the evening”). When Doris performed at the Ship Inn, Chatham, the stage was no bigger than 2 pallets put together. But she knocked it out of the ball park and rinsed the lot of us lucky enough to be in the pub that night. We were packed in like sardines but as far as Doris was concerned, she could’ve been performing at the Apollo, Harlem. Every Doris favourite was belted out and those who were there will never forget it – what a wonderful woman. I played her 1967 track ‘Face up to the Truth’ on Capitol demo and Doris came over and said ‘I haven’t heard this since I recorded it. How on Earth do you have it?’ I told her about my soul mentor, the late Randy Cozens and how he had championed it and sold it to me. She was very impressed…..

A US issue of ‘Face up to the truth’ – mine was a pale green demo.

Thanks to the Medway Gay Health Forum back in the day, especially Martin Adams and Peter Moorcroft, for organising these health awareness spectaculars including the second Doris Troy event held at the Stanley Ballroom in Rochester. Incredible memories.

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